Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart: Home is Where the Heart Is

While at the mercantile, young student Hattie overhears the gossip about the saw mill not having the funds to pay their employees. Back at school, she asks Elizabeth if she can make this the front-page story of the school's newspaper. Elizabeth appreciates her student's drive but wants to steer away from town gossip. Elizabeth gathers all the students back to the classroom to find a romantic message written on her chalkboard from Jack, inviting her to have dinner at the site of their future home.

Lee, Rosemary and Sophia catch up over dinner. Rosemary reveals her plans to build her own theater and asks her best friend to help design a sketch for it. The three are interrupted by Carson who stops by the table to say hi. Lee invites Carson to join them and instantly the doctor and Sophia are smitten with one another. The night ends with Carson inviting Sophia on a picnic for the next day.