Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart: Home is Where the Heart Is

Jack stops by the café to reunite with his friends in Hope Valley. Elizabeth explains that Florence has agreed to teach the children in the morning, so the love birds can make up for lost time. Rosemary returns to the dress shop and is surprised when her childhood best friend, Sophia, waltzes in. The two celebrate with a giant hug.

Jack tells Elizabeth that he is ready to get married and settle down with Elizabeth for good. Elizabeth begins to ask what life was like in the Northern territory, and Jack wants to quickly change the subject. He prefers to live in the present, with her.

Earlier in the day, the bank informed Lee that they we going to need more time to deliver the funds for Lee to pay his workers. Lee delivers the bad news to his men and promises them that the payroll will be there by end of the week. He even offers to use his own saving to pay anyone who needs cash.

Jack takes Elizabeth to the empty property he purchased in Hope Valley. He also brings with him blueprints of the house he wants to build for their future family. Elizabeth falls in love with all of Jack's ideas, but also reminds him he should want to go home and rest, first.