Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart: Hearts and Minds

The community gathers for their town hall and immediately learn that the depot will be built in Jameson instead of Hope Valley. Lee warns Jacob that if the railroad doesn’t fulfill their contract, it will affect their bottom line, because he will make sure the Hope Valley saw mill doesn’t use the railroad to transport its lumber. Jacob points out that Lee will also lose money if he makes that decision, but it is a risk Lee is willing to take if it means doing the right thing. The entire town hall gives Lee a standing ovation. Elizabeth barges into the town hall with her students. She tells Jacob to take one more look at all the faces of Hope Valley that will be losing out if their town loses the depot. Elizabeth explains that the children are the future of Hope Valley and they deserve an explanation from the railroad, as well. Cody takes the stage and tells Jacob that Abigail taught him to use his words and Elizabeth taught him to honor promises. He tells Jacob that if a promise was made by the railroad, it should be kept.

The next day at school, Julie addresses the students and thanks them for being so wonderful as she has been learning to be a teacher. She also surprises Elizabeth with the announcement that today is her final day in the classroom, pointing out that it is time to pursue her real dream in life: to be an artist. Elizabeth is proud of her sister for chasing her dream, but she also tells Julie that she would make an excellent teacher. Their conversation is interrupted when Elizabeth comes across a newspaper with the front story about the Mounties in the Northern territory facing resistance.

Abigail steps outside to see Lee with a bunch of wagons and wants to know what is going on. He tells her he just got word that the railroad has decided to continue their contract with Hope Valley, and they need wood to build the new depot. Abigail leaps in the air with excitement. She finds Jacob and says thank you. He tells her the community made him change his mind, and it was her son, Cody, who helped him make the final decision. He informs Abigail that he was once an orphan, too, and Cody’s story reminded him of his own childhood. Jacob also delivers Abigail the good news that the railroad will be building a depot in both Jameson and Hope Valley. The celebration is short-lived when Elizabeth runs to Abigail with news that a fight has broken out in the Northern territories, and the newspaper is reporting a lot of casualties.

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