Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart: Hearts and Minds

Later that evening, Rosemary is telling Lee how terrible she feels about Wilma having to return her dress. She also tells Lee she found out Wilma makes all of her own clothes, as well as her family’s. Then Rosemary gets a bright idea! She is going to give Wilma the pattern to make the dress herself. Lee wants to know how this will affect Dottie’s business, but Rosemary says this dress is meant for Wilma. The next morning, she delivers the patterns to Wilma, who is moved by Rosemary’s generosity.

Rosemary returns to Dottie’s shop to deliver Dottie the news that she gave her dress pattern to Wilma for free. Dottie says it is fine and in fact, thinks it is a brilliant move. Dottie wants to start selling Rosemary’s dress patterns for a fraction of the cost with the hopes of bringing in more customers.

Anna wants to know why Julie gave her a “B-“ on her artwork. Julie tells Anna that she didn’t follow the directions about drawing people in landscapes. But, she is also quick to remind Anna that she is a wonderful artist, she just needs to believe in herself more. Anna smiles and understands. Elizabeth witnesses the interaction and is proud of her little sister. Julie says she feels so mean, but Elizabeth reminds her that she is just being a teacher.

Abigail fills Elizabeth in on the upcoming town hall with the railroad. She says that Bill has promised her that Jacob will be there. On the other side of town, Jacob tries to leave town but Bill throws around his sheriff influence and convinces Jacob to stay in town for a few more days. Jacob eventually agrees to attend the town hall.

Rosemary is closing the shop and finds Kurt waiting in the city center for his wife. He tells Rosemary that he is following his wife’s directions to wait outside Dottie’s shop before they go on their date to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Just then, Wilma walks out of the dress shop ready for their date. Kurt sees her new dress and reminds Wilma they agreed on taking it back. He is shocked to learn she made the dress herself. He grabs his wife’s hand and tells her she looks beautiful. Rosemary has one more surprise for the couple: Lee shows up in his car and offers it to them for their date.