When Calls the Heart Christmas

Later on, Elizabeth receives the devastating news that the supply train carrying the gifts, food, and supplies for Christmas has derailed outside of Union City. She turns to Abigail for support, who tries to offer up some kind words. News goes from bad to worse when Elizabeth also finds out that Jack is behind schedule on repairs for the Lawson family’s new apartment. Like many of the settlers, the Lawsons lost everything in the flood but Jack vows that even if it means missing the Mountie Ball, he’ll make sure the Lawsons gets the holiday they deserve.

The town gathers around to discuss how they are going to bring Christmas to Hope Valley despite not having no supplies. Jack and Elizabeth assure everyone that if they all pull together they can still have a proper Christmas. Abigail suggests the women pull an all-nighter to make toys for the children and Bill offers to cook for the Christmas Eve banquet with whatever scraps they can scrounge from around town. With the plan in place, Hope Valley pulls together, making toys, cooking food, and wrapping presents for the children. Meanwhile, Jack gets some extra help to finish off the apartment for the Lawson family.

Later, Abigail confronts Henry about his return to Hope Valley. She reminds him that he needs his friends and his family. She tells him that she also needs his help and she won’t be pushed away, even if that means she has to visit him every single day until he complies. She ends their conversation with “Merry Christmas and welcome home.”

That night, the school puts on the Christmas program for the town. After the children are done performing, Pastor Frank takes the stage to tell the audience the greatest gift to receive on Christmas is God’s love and the greatest gift we can give is love for one another. Just then, the doors open and Santa makes a surprise visit to shower the children with presents and holiday greetings.

Jack heads outside and runs into Sam as he is packing up his wagon. Before heading out of town, Sam gives Jack a wrapped present to deliver to Elizabeth. He smiles and takes the gift. One last generous offer from Mr. Bailey goes to Cody. Sam tells him that he has a long journey ahead of him and it would mean a lot if Cody could give his dog Dasher a good home. Cody is overjoyed about his new four-legged friend and promises to take the best care of him.