Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

A roll of thunder cracks in the distance as Rosemary ushers in the start of the New Year’s celebration. Rosemary has driven Lee crazy with her demands, not to mention asking him to pretend to be her husband. The stress finally gets to Lee and he breaks, telling Rosemary that she’s so focused on putting a show that she forgets what is important; the truth. With reality now setting on her Rosemary can do only one thing. She turns to Mr. Ward and confesses to not being married. Mr. Ward takes in what she tells him, laughs and then asks if she thought he hadn’t figured it out. He tells her that he didn’t say anything because he wanted to see what she would do next. Rosemary assumes he’ll be cancelling the story, but is delighted when he tells her that he’s going to write the story about her real family, the people of Hope Valley.

In Abigail’s parlor, Elizabeth puts dishes away as Doctor Burns descends the stairs. Becky’s fever broke but her heart may not be strong enough to pull through. In Becky’s bedroom, Cody talks to a sleeping Becky about the prayers he and pastor Hogan did for her and how he wishes she could be at the New Year’s show with him. He then vows not to let her down, kisses her gently on the cheek and leaves for the performance. But, before leaving the room, he tells her that he loves her and that she’s the best sister in the world.

As the other townsfolk head to the celebration, Frank notices Jesse still loitering in town. Frank tells Jesse that he’d hoped he’d be gone by now. However Jesse insists that he likes it in Hope Valley. As they talk, Clara walks by and tells Frank that Abigail is skipping the celebration to care for Becky. Jesse picks up on this information and asks Frank if Abigail is his sweetheart. Frank tells him it’s not that way between them, but Jesse can see through his deception. Before Clara moves on Jesse informs her that he got the job with Mr. Yost. Frank notices Jesse’s obvious flirtation with Clara and tells him he’s not staying in Hope Valley. Jesse tells him he’s wrong which angers Frank. He slams Jesse against the side of the building and tells him to leave town by the following morning. Before letting him go Frank reminds Jesse that he “knows what he’s capable of.”

At the church, the New Year’s program has begun and the children stand and recite their lines. As the children finish the recitation Cody stands front and center and begins to sing Amazing Grace. Overcome with shyness, he stumbles over the words and freezes Sensing his unease, Elizabeth moves forward and starts to sing with him. Jack joins in and soon everyone in the schoolhouse is singing. As the chorus picks up, the door of the schoolhouse opens and Abigail, Dr. Burns and Becky enter. Unsteady on her feet, Becky smiles at the sight of her brother singing. Cody spots her and runs to her and throws his arms around her.

When the program ends everyone heads outside. Doctor Burns informs Abigail that he’ll have to take Becky to Union City for proper treatment. Dr. Burns isn’t sure how long she’ll need treatment, but he’d like to head out the following day if the weather permits. Becky turns to Abigail and asks her if Cody can stay with her while she’s being treated. Realizing that Abigail is his best option, Cody tells them he will do what he is told. Not able to say no, Abigail agrees.

As the crowd has filtered outside the church, Rosemary informs them that the fireworks are about to get started. In the crowd, everyone cheers with anticipation as Rosemary starts the countdown. As the fireworks light up the sky, the crowd reacts with delight and amazement. Elizabeth looks at Jack asking how could this New Year’s be any more perfect. Jack tells her ‘just a little’ and shows her with a New Years kiss.

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