When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

Meanwhile, at the mercantile, Jesse swoops in to help as Clara stumbles over a box of supplies. He’s charming as he asks her if she knows of any available work in town. She tells him that Mr. Yost may be looking for a driver and that he should inquire within. He continues to charm as he thanks her for the information and asks her name. She introduces herself to which Jesse responds “a pretty name for a pretty girl.”

Darkness falls over Hope Valley as Jack and Bill continue to search for Cody and Becky. The children, seeking shelter in the mine, continue to outpace Jack and Bill Near. As the two kids try to make their way up a steep hill Becky sinks to the ground and struggles to breathe. Cody persists in getting her up, but Becky just doesn’t have the energy. In the distance they hear Jack’s voice calling out to them. Cody tries to get Becky to move before they’re found but Becky can’t and is forced to tell Cody to leave without her. Forced to make a difficult decision, Cody decides to call for help and stick with his sister, not matter what the consequences.

Some hours later Cody sits on Abigail’s sofa while Becky is in bed recuperating. Cody isn’t in trouble but Abigail still wants to know why he decided to run a way. Cody admits that he heard her and the doctor talk about sending them back to the home. Abigail tries to reassure him by telling him that they won’t be going anywhere for a while, no matter what anyone says.

Later that evening, Doctor Burns is at the saloon enjoying a round of darts. As the doctor prepares for another round, Clara runs to him, frantically explaining that Becky’s fever has worsened. Doctor Burns rushes to Abigail’s house where he finds Becky tossing in bed. He determines that Becky has a parasite and not the flu. He does his best to treat her but her full recovery is now in doubt.

The next day Cody heads to the church in search of Pastor Hogan. He asks the pastor to say a prayer for Becky, hoping that because he’s a pastor, maybe God listens to him better. Frank asks Cody to join with him in prayer because two voices are better than one. The two sit down, bow their heads and pray for Becky’s health.