When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

Back in Abigail’s kitchen, Cody is finishing his meal when Frank enters. Cody asks who he is and questions why the pastor isn’t at church. Frank informs Cody that Elizabeth uses the church as her schoolroom and that he spends his days going wherever he’s needed. Abigail enters the room and shuffles Cody off to school. As she clears Cody’s plate she apologizes for again missing dinner with Frank. Frank understands and had figured that she had been busy. She asks if she’ll see him at the New Year’s celebration, he tells her, “I think that could be arranged.” They smile at each other as he leaves.

Outside the church, Frank splits and stacks firewood when a voice calls to him. Frank turns around to see Jesse standing in front of him. Jess greets his friend by his former name, Matt Landry. Frank tells Jesse that Matt Landry is dead and buried and that he, Frank Hogan, has work to do. Jesse isn’t buying Frank’s apparent conversion and demands he let him in on whatever scheme he’s pulling in Hope Valley. Frank in turn tells Jessie that it’s time for him to get out of town. But Jesse, spotting a few women from town, declines saying “I think I’ll be sticking around for a while. I kind of like the scenery.”

Later in the evening, the doctor delivers the good news that Becky will soon be fully recovered and on her feet. The good news is tempered by the doctor’s suggestion that once Becky is well, the children should be sent to a home. Abigail tells him they shouldn’t be going anywhere right now. The doctor agrees, but insists that they will need to be sent to a home soon.

The next day, as Abigail hangs laundry, Elizabeth realizes that both Cody and Becky are missing. Elizabeth runs to find Jack and asks for his help in finding the two kids. Jack climbs his horse and tells Elizabeth to find Lee and see if he can spare a few men for the search. As Elizabeth runs to find help, Bill steps out onto the street. Jack tells him he needs his help and will explain on the way.