When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

At Abigail’s, the doctor examines Becky. The doctor tells them that Becky’s lungs are clear but that she still has a weak pulse. He prescribes more rest and agrees to return with medicine to treat her fever. In the meantime, Elizabeth asks Cody if he would like to come to school with her. Cody is reluctant, but when Elizabeth tells him about the New Year’s celebration, Becky immediately perks up. She says Cody has a wonderful voice and asks if he can be in the performance. Elizabeth assures her that they’ll find something for Cody to do and when Becky is better she can come and see him.

In the woods, Bill hurriedly digs up the box of plates. A gun cocks just as Bill pulls the metal box from the ground and Inspector Houston instructs him to drop the box and turn around. As he gets to his feet, Bill pleads with Jack not to let Houston get away with this. Jack responds by telling Bill he can’t believe that he trusted him. Still aiming the rifle at Bill, Houston steps closer, but instead of aiming at Bill, he turns the rifle on Jack. He tells Jack to drop his weapon and to stand next to Bill. With his treachery revealed, Houston can’t risk Jack telling the truth. Houston then raises his rifle and takes aim at Bill but, when he pulls the trigger, nothing happens. The rifle is empty. Houston looks at Jack, realizing he was set up. He throws the rifle at Jack and reaches for his side arm. Before he can remove the gun, Jack knocks the pistol away and the scuffle ensues. Houston scrambles for his gun but not before Bill he reaches it and points it at him. Houston freezes, knowing he can’t do anything else to escape now.

Outside the church, Rosemary watches as Lee and his men try to set up the tree she picked out. Still working on creating the perfect scene, Rosemary doesn’t immediately notice the man approaching from behind. The gentleman introduces himself as Mike Ward from the San Francisco Chronicle. Rosemary shakes his hand and eagerly prepares to start showing Mr. Ward around Hope Valley. But, before Mr. Ward starts his tour, he needs to take a picture of Rosemary and her husband. After all, you can’t have a story about families celebrating New Year’s without a happy couple. Thinking on her feet, Rosemary grabs Lee and calmly tells Mr. Ward that her husband is right here. The reporter tells him to give him a smile, “Mr. LeVeaux,” as he snaps the picture of the happy couple.