Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

Later that night inside cafe, Abigail turns on the lights, startling the mystery boy who’s been stealing from her. Realizing that he’s been caught, the boy tries to put back the items while pleading with Abigail and Elizabeth to let him go. Abigail suggests he have some fried chicken instead. As Abigail prepares the chicken, the boy takes a seat at the table with Elizabeth. Elizabeth notices that this boy is same boy who ran from her earlier. After some small talk, Elizabeth learns that his name is Cody. As Cody eats Jack arrives and tries to learn more about where he came from. With Jack’s help, they learn that Cody has been stealing food for him and his sister Becky. Becky has become ill and is unable to leave their makeshift camp in the woods. Abigail manages to convince him to tell them where Becky is so they can help her. Cody leads them to an area in the woods where they find Becky burning up with fever. Seeing her condition, Jack picks her up and carries her out of the forest.

In the jailhouse the next morning, Jack brings Bill his breakfast. As he hands the plate, Bill jumps to his feat and begins pleading his case with Jack. Bill insists that Houston is the crook and that he’s setting up Bill to take the fall. Jack reminds Bill that Houston has been a Mountie for over 20 years and was friends with Jack’s father. Bill pleads, saying that Houston will kill him before any trial can happen. Bill then begs Jack to trust him. Jack can only stand still, glaring at his former mentor.

Back at the café another mysterious stranger has found his way into Hope Valley. Jesse rode into town a few days earlier looking for a friend by the name of Landry, Matt Landry. According to Jesse, Matt loaned his family some money after his father walked out on his mother and younger brother. After he leaves, Florence, who’s been eavesdropping at a nearby table, suggests that the handsome young man could be set up with Clara. Abigail stops her before she can go any further and tells her they don’t need to meddle in Clara’s life.

In the meantime, Jack and Inspector Houston walk toward the jail. Jack tells Houston that Bill offered to reveal the location of two more sets of plates if he is granted leniency. Houston is unmoved but appears willing to listen. However, when the men enter the jail, they find a picked lock and an empty jail cell. While Jack doesn’t know where Bill is, he has a good idea where he’s headed. Assuming Bill is armed, he and Houston grab their guns and head out to search for Bill.