When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

Early the next morning, Pastor Frank Hogan approaches the café where Abigail is busy sweeping the porch. As the two talk, Abigail apologizes for asking so many personal questions during their dinner. Frank tells her that it was his answers that were the problem and suggest they have dinner again. Abigail obliges and they agree to have dinner soon. Frank nods in agreement and goes on his way. A moment later Clara arrives with a basket of groceries. Abigail asks her if the extra bottles of milk she ordered had arrived. Clara tells her that they arrived that morning but when she looks, Abigail finds nothing.

In the classroom, Elizabeth stands in front of a map of the world as she is giving a lecture on New Year’s celebrations around the world. As she talks, one of the students tells Elizabeth about a boy standing outside who he’s never seen before. Concerned, Elizabeth tells everyone to stay in their seats while she heads outside. Outside the classroom she finds a boy taking firewood from the pile behind the schoolhouse. Elizabeth introduces herself to the mystery boy and offers him some cookies. The boy freezes at first, but when Elizabeth approaches him, he drops the wood and runs for the forest.

After class Jack arrives at the schoolhouse and offers to carry Elizabeth’s books home from school. As she gathers her things, she asks Jack about the boy she saw earlier. Jack assumes that he’s probably one of the new settlers in the valley. Thinking nothing more of the situation they gather Elizabeth’s things and prepare to leave. Before leaving, Jack leans in for a kiss. But, before he can kiss Elizabeth, Rip begins loudly barking. After another two attempts with the same response, Jack theorizes that Rip may be jealous. Elizabeth suggests that she and Rip spend some more time together. Jack thinks Rip may be more than she can handle but agrees to let Rip go with her.

Back in town, Inspector Houston arrives at the jail. He approaches Bill and mockingly tells him that he disobeyed an order and he will pay. Bill responds, telling him he knows who is really guilty. The inspector step closer to Bill and then, without warning, Bill grabs Houston and slams him into the cell bars. The inspector manages to pull away and composes himself before telling Bill he’s going to enjoy seeing him rot.