Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

At the mill, Lee talks with two workers when Rosemary enters carrying the letter she received earlier. Sensing her need for attention, Lee dismisses his foreman before Rosemary explains she won the San Francisco Chronicle’s essay contest on how New Year’s is celebrated on the frontier. As the winner, the paper is sending a reporter to write a front-page story about Hope Valley’s New Year’s celebration. But since Hope Valley doesn’t have much planned Rosemary’s prepared a list of things she’ll need to make the celebration a hit. Lee looks at the list incredulously as he sees the list of things she wants, from fireworks, to champagne, to a marching band.

Back on Main Street, Jack approaches Inspector Huston’s coach. As he exits the coach, Inspector Huston shakes Jack’s hands and congratulates him on a job well done. Jack accepts the accolade but insists that it wasn’t a happy day one arresting a fellow Mountie. The inspector reveals that he’s had his suspicions about Bill for some time. He also tells Jack that while no trial date has been set, Jack will be expected to testify at the trial.

As Jack escorts Inspector Huston to his lodging, they cross paths with Rosemary, Florence and Dotty. The three women discuss plans for the New Year’s celebration. Rosemary envisions a grand ceremony in front of the church with fireworks and a dedication for a memory box. Florence suggests a program for the children and offers to notify Elizabeth to get started on directing the children. The idea of Elizabeth directing the children doesn’t sit well with Florence and she questions if Elizabeth can handle the job, the other ladies tell Rosemary that taking on this job would be to much for her when she’s already doing so much and that the sign of a true leader is the ability to delegate. She agrees and smiles, but she still seems to be having some trouble with the idea.

As nightfall grips Hope Valley, Jack and Elizabeth walk and discuss their relationship. Jack admits that he does trust Elizabeth but he also knows that he doesn’t have Charles’ wealth or status. Elizabeth points out that that’s those things are superficial and that even though they come from different worlds, they can still face anything together. They both agree to start over in the New Year, not to rush and to take their time and enjoy things.