Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Troubled Hearts

Back at the café, Mr. Humphries finishes his inspection. Before leaving he hands Abigail a list of improvements for which Abigail will be responsible for half the cost. Abigail is galled at the demands and immediately begins to quarrel with Mr. Humphries. At an impasse with her new business partner, Abigail approaches Mr. Gowen and attempts to make a counteroffer. Unfortunately Mr. Gowen is not in a giving mood and tells Abigail that despite her offer, she and the café are not acceptable risks.

Back in town Jesse and Clara enjoy a walk around the pond together. As they walk along the pond’s shoreline, they are unaware that they are being observed. Just above the tree line a shady figure watches the two with great interest. Later, after dropping Clara at home, Jesse returns to his room in the saloon. He opens the door to find Sonny, the shady character that had been watching him earlier. Next to Sonny is Jake Garrison, the notorious criminal and gang leader. The men, along with Jesse, are planning a to rob a train filled with gold and are in need of the best powder man around. And the powder man they have in mind is now living in Hope Valley.

The next morning, Abigail walks into the café to find Bill Avery clumsily cooking in her kitchen. When Abigail asks why he’s using her eggs and her pans to make his breakfast, Bill informs her that they are now “our eggs and our pans.” Bill learned of the difficulties Abigail was having with Mr. Humphries and decided to make an offer to Mr. Gowen. Mr. Gowen accepted the offer and sold his share in the café to Bill. But, as Bill points out, he can’t even light the stove and has every intention of being a silent partner. Given her options, Bill is clearly the most agreeable partner she could have asked for. She agrees and shakes Bill’s hand to seal the deal.