Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Trials of the Heart

As the sun rises onto the mountains above Coal Valley mayor Ramsey and townsfolk gather at the water tower. With the mine now closed, the mayor cast around for suggestions to rename Coal Valley. Now, standing in front of the water tower, mayor Ramsey pulls a cord to reveal Coal Valley’s new name, Hope Valley. On his way to the gathering Lee bumps into Bill Avery, causing Bill to drop a suspicious parcel that appears to be filled with money. Lee notices the parcel but seems to feel it is best to exchanges pleasantries and move on. For his part, Bill hurriedly scuttles off into the street with the parcel tucked under his coat.

In Hamilton, Jack and Tom enter the cavernous train station. With his prospects for a relationship with Elizabeth dimmed, Jack tries in vain to convince his brother to come with him to Hope Valley. Tom can sense that all is not well with Jack and he also knows moving to Coal Valley is out of the question. The two men part and Jack waits alone in the station. At the Thatcher Mansion Elizabeth talks with her aunt Agatha. Elizabeth’s feelings of guilt are now compounded with worries that Jack doesn’t understand why she must stay in Hamilton with her family. But wise words from Agatha convince Elizabeth that her dreams are worth following. Agatha also senses how much Elizabeth cares for Jack and suggests she tell him how she feels.

So as Jack’s train prepares to leave, Elizabeth bursts into the station, calling his name. She runs to him saying they didn’t have the chance to say a proper good bye. She apologizes for whatever went wrong at the dinner party, but she doesn’t want him to leave on a sour note. Jack insists he just needs to get back to town. Before letting him go Elizabeth tells Jack to leave with this. She then leans forward and tenderly kisses his cheek.

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