Trials of the Heart

As Jack and Elizabeth arrive in Hamilton Jack gets his first glimpse at the opulent life Elizabeth left behind. The chauffeur driven car arrives at the mansion and Elizabeth’s younger sister Julie bounds out of the foyer. Following Julie is Elizabeth’s older sister Viola and her father William. It’s clear that Jack is out of his element and his discomfort grows when Julie invites him to attend the family’s dinner party the next evening. Jack tries to politely excuse himself from the event but Elizabeth insists and he relents.

Before dinner Jack decides to head into the city to catch up with his younger brother while Elizabeth catches up with her family. Elizabeth’s mother Grace has come down with a weak heart and is suffering fainting spells. Elizabeth also learns that her elder sister Viola is planning to wed a British aristocrat. Conflict begins to arise in Elizabeth as she feels pangs of guilt for leaving her family.

Elizabeth’s spirits are brightened when a childhood friend, Charles Kensington, arrives at the Thatcher mansion. Strikingly handsome, Charles now works for Elizabeth’s father and is clearly moved at the sight of his childhood friend. Meanwhile, in Hamilton, Jack finds his younger brother at a tavern. While it has been a long time since the two have seen each other Jack, with a little help from his fellow Mounties, has been keeping tabs on his mischievous younger brother.