Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Trials of the Heart

Facing his own uphill battle is forensic investigator Bill Avery. In the days leading up to the trial, Bill’s budding relationship with Abigail has soured. Still unaware that she found his wedding ring and pictures of his family, Bill tries to talk to Abigail. Her cold response about the pictures and ring force his hand. Bill explains he was married, but a few years ago both his wife and son passed away. Bill tells Abigail that he thought he’d never have feelings for another woman until he met her. Touched by his story, Abigail apologizes for the misunderstanding and agrees to take the afternoon off for a date.

While Abigail heads off with Bill, Elizabeth and Rosemary agree to manage the café. The two rivals immediately butt heads and, while she’s definitely a stranger in the kitchen, Elizabeth refuses to cede anything to Rosemary. The situation is about to land squarely with Jack as he unwittingly walks in for lunch. Jack is immediately confronted with two meals, one from Rosemary and identical one from Elizabeth. Despite being burnt, Jack takes Elizabeth’s chicken fried steak and smiles and he attempts to chew. While Jack struggles to eat the meal, an urgent telegram arrives for Elizabeth. The note, from her father, says that her mother has taken ill and Elizabeth needs to return home as soon as possible. Sensing the severity of the situation Jack volunteers to escort Elizabeth back to Hamilton.

As Jack and Elizabeth prepare to leave for Hamilton, a coach arrives carrying a Mr. Sweeny. Mr. Sweeny was a mine inspector who investigated the Coal Valley mine and made a report on the unsafe conditions. He further asserts that a report from Mr. Gowen, saying the mine was safe, is nothing more than a forgery. Samantha had hoped for another witness to buttress Mr. Sweeny’s claims, but that didn’t pan out. Now the entire case rests on the testimony of Mr. Sweeny.