The Heart of the Community

As the carnival fun continues, Elizabeth finds a sad Phillip, who tells her his father is working and had to miss the carnival. Elizabeth tries to cheer him student up by offering to be his three-legged race partner. In the end, Phillip and Elizabeth win the race and a surprise cheerleader is in the audience: Phillip’s dad, Shane!

Ray gets some alone time with Abigail and asks if she has agreed to his offer about the railroad not paying taxes. She said she is willing to compromise, reducing his taxes by 20% Ray says he will mull it over. After hearing the proposal, Henry approaches Ray and the two agree to meet back at the office for a longer conversation.

As the sun slowly goes down, the Tate brothers set up a camping spot for the night. The brothers both acknowledge they still need to get the payroll money to help cross the border. Both men vow that their mission is not over, yet, despite their hired sharpshooter, Floyd, being caught.

Elizabeth is disappointed that despite a successful carnival, the money raised will only cover a fraction of the school’s needs. Jack puts a positive spin on Elizabeth’s day, telling her that she should be happy with all that she has done for the town and school. He then smiles and sneaks in a kiss.

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