Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

The Heart of the Community

Back in Hope Valley, word travels fast about what a hero Frank is. Ray offers the pastor some extra money and Frank politely declines, saying he was only doing what was right. Elizabeth is relieved that Jack is safe and sound, while Abigail feels betrayed that Frank never told her he was on such a dangerous mission chasing outlaws. She accuses him of not communicating, and Frank fires back that maybe they should call it quits. She storms off in anger.

Later that night, Jack and Elizabeth make signs together for the fundraiser carnival coming up for the school. Meanwhile, at the sawmill campsite, Shane tells his son that despite all the men being given an evening off from the mill for the event, he is going to still work for extra money. A disappointed Phillip tells his dad he understands and that he wasn’t really looking forward to the carnival anyway.

It is the day of the carnival and everybody is having fun. Cody and Robert are in charge of the bake sale, while Jack has set up a photo booth. Rosemary even has a fortune teller booth, where she dresses up in character. Ray finds Faith at the kissing booth, where she is selling raffle tickets. Ray buys all the tickets, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t result in an actual kiss from Faith.