The Heart of the Community

At the restaurant, Rosemary offers Dottie her dress sketches for the new shop. Dottie gives her criticism and Rosemary agrees to come back with new sketches, despite Dottie never asking in the first place. Things go from bad to worse for Rosemary when the customers start to complain to Abigail about Rosemary’s service. Both Rosemary and Abigail agree that Rosemary isn’t cut out for washing dishes and Elizabeth sets her free from the job.

Jack, Bill and Frank agree to leave at dawn to ride along the stagecoach, as the railroad’s payroll makes its way to Hope Valley. Later that evening, Jack informs Elizabeth of the plan and promises her that he will be safe. He assures her that there isn’t even any proof they will encounter the Tate brothers while on this journey. What Jack doesn’t know is the Tate Brothers are planning an ambush along the route with a hired sharp shooter who promises he never misses his mark.

Faith tells Elizabeth how worried she is about the long hours the men at the sawmill are working and together they confront Ray. Elizabeth pleads with Ray to extend the delivery deadline, so the workers can get more rest and family time. Ray tells her he can’t move up the deadline, but when Faith asks, Ray reluctantly agrees to move the schedule one extra day.

As Jack and Bill make their way tracking the payroll, Frank goes ahead of them to see if he can spot any trouble. Just as the sharp shooter sets his sights on Jack and Bill, Frank sets his sights on him and grabs the gun, discharging it in the air. The Tate brothers hear the single gunshot from a distance and decide to avoid trouble by feeling the scene.