The Heart of the Community

After school, Elizabeth walks Phillip home, stopping to pick up groceries first. Once they arrive at Phillip’s home, she finds a disgruntled Shane, who tells Elizabeth that his son can walk home alone. She tells Shane that she didn’t mind, in fact, she would love to have the father and son over for dinner to officially welcome them to town.

Jack alerts Bill that the Tate brothers have broken out of prison up north and are expecting to head to Hope Valley for a quick heist. Ray is curious on why he thinks the escaped prisoners would be heading to town. Bill informs him that Curtis and Glen Tate make a living robbing payrolls, and Ray has one coming in for the railroad construction workers the day after tomorrow. Jack assures Ray they will put extra security on the payroll delivery as it makes its way to Hope Valley.

Elizabeth later dines at the cafe, where she confides in Rosemary her worry that the school is short on supplies because of all the new students. Rosemary hatches a plan to host a fundraiser. Elizabeth loves the idea and comes up with the thought of a carnival. The brainstorming comes to an end when Abigail interrupts and asks Rosemary why she isn’t washing dishes in the kitchen.