Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Prayers From the Heart

As the sun falls below the mountains, the townsfolk gather outside the café, candles in hand, to pray for Jack’s recovery. Charlotte stands alone, stoic, taking it all in. Her eyes scan the crowd and meet Abigail's. The solemn moment between two mothers is broken when tears begin to stream down Charlotte's face. Abigail crosses to her and they stand together, looking upward. Frank moves to the front and begins to lead the town in prayer.

Upstairs, Elizabeth looks out at the vigil below her. As everyone prays, she talks with the still unconscious Jack. She reminds him of their New Year’s resolution, “To be patient, to be kind, not to rush, but to take their time.” As she recites the words, Jack’s eyes begin to flutter and he mumbles, “not to take too much time.” He then opens his eyes and smiles at Elizabeth. Overcome with joy Elizabeth hugs and kisses him, ignoring his bruises and other injuries. She recovers herself and through the tears says, “Hi.’ Jack smiles and the two shares a soft and tender kiss.


In the weeks after the disaster Jack fully recovers from his injuries. While Jack recuperated, Elizabeth finished her first manuscript and sent it off to half a dozen publishers. Charlotte insisted on staying in Hope Valley to prepare all of Jack’s favorite meals and many of the settlers relocated to higher ground. And Rosemary realized that a simple wedding to the man she loves was all she really needed. Without the fancy dresses or the food, everyone gathers for Lee and Rosemary’s wedding. As the bridal party prepares to head to the church, Charlotte tells Elizabeth that she’s happy that Jack has found someone who loves him as much as his mother. She only has one request of Elizabeth; that she teaches Charlotte her recipe for shepherds pie…minus the lard.

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