Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Prayers From the Heart

Back at the café, Abigail stands alone at the back digesting everything that’s happened. Frank enters and asks how Jack is doing. Terrified at his prospects, Abigail tells Frank that Jack has pneumonia. Frank assures her that a young man like Jack can recover. Overwhelmed, she tearfully tells Frank that she can’t imagine something bad happening to Jack. Frank comforts her, telling her they will take it one day at a time. They look at each other and instantly know they are thinking the same thought. Later that night they will gather the town for a prayer vigil outside the café.

In the makeshift shelter in the saloon, Mr. Jenkins, the bank manager, sees Bill Avery across the room. Jenkins goes to him and asks about Gowen’s condition after the accident. When Jack tells him that Gowen’s condition is still grave, Mr. Jenkins reveals that he is unsure if he should alert the town council about the missing money. Bill suggests that the town has suffered enough and that perhaps the matter of the missing money be left for another day. Mr. Jenkins nods and quickly moves on.

Downstairs at the café, Charlotte sits silently contemplating the situation. Abigail comes downstairs to prepare some tea to take to Elizabeth. Charlotte admits that she’s not sure who they should be more worried about, Jack or Elizabeth. Sadly, both women know how hard it is to lose a spouse and they know all too well what Elizabeth feels. Facing the death of her son, Abigail reminds Charlotte that it’s ok to cry. Fighting back tears Charlotte tells Abigail, “Crying doesn't do anyone any good.” She then takes the tea and heads back upstairs to continue her watch.