Prayers From the Heart

Along the river, Jack desperately searches for little Maggie. On the other side of the riverbank Jack spots the little girl and tells her to stay put while he comes over to get her. Just then the logjam begins to buckle and Jack’s horse bucks him to the ground. Jack hits his head and rolls, unconscious, into the riverbed. Maggie can only stand and watch in horror as the raging river overtakes the dam and washes Jack’s form away.

Back in town, the wagon with the miners has finally arrived. As Abigail helps the children from the wagons, she sees Frank talking with one of the settlers and her son. She instantly knows what’s happened and runs to console the widow and her son. Meanwhile the miners and settlers get comfortable and Elizabeth realizes that Jack is nowhere to be found. Just then a rider shows up carrying Maggie, safe and sound. Elizabeth runs to her and asks if she’s seen Constable Thorton. Maggie tells Elizabeth that the water took him away. Terrified Elizabeth immediately grabs a horse and heads out to search for Jack.

Down along the river Elizabeth and the search party begin scouring the area in search of Jack. As the men shout his name, Elizabeth comes across Jack’s unconscious body, clinging to a log on the bank of the river. Frank runs to her side and checks Jack for a pulse. He’s still alive but only barely. The other men rush to the area and pull Jack’s limp body from the river.

Upstairs at the café, Faith tends to Jack’s wounds. Faith tells Elizabeth that Jack wouldn’t have lasted much longer had she not found him. But, while Jack appears to only a few bumps and bruises, his fingernails are blue, an early sign of pneumonia. As Faith heads off to tend to the wounded miners, Elizabeth stops her and tells her that she’s glad that she’s in Hope Valley. Faith fights through the emotions and tells Elizabeth that she’s here if Elizabeth needs anything. Abigail says that she, Elizabeth, and Charlotte can take turns sitting with Jack. Elizabeth calmly tells her that she will stay with him for as long as it takes. Charlotte stands behind her and softly says that that she would like to stay too. Elizabeth agrees and the two women take their place at Jack’s side.