Prayers From the Heart

When Jesse arrives in town, he warns everyone that when the logjam breaks, the wave will destroy the settlement. Abigail realizes they cannot wait for the men to help evacuate. The women break off and begin preparing the town to take in even more people. When Abigail instructs Clara to prepare the café she points out that with the miners, their families, the settlers and the townsfolk, it is unlikely they will have enough food to go around. Rosemary then offers to donate the food for her reception to help feed the evacuees. Her generous act is a welcome ray of sunshine to the dismal situation.

As the sun rises at the mine, Jack, Frank and Lee prepare to move all the miners back to Hope Valley. As they finish loading the men, Jesse arrives to warn them about the logjam. Jack instructs Frank to move quickly to get the men to Hope Valley as he rides off to the settlement.

At the settlement, pandemonium sets in with the news of the impending disaster. Abigail and Elizabeth do their best to keep order as the settlers scramble to grab their possessions and board the wagons. Sitting alone in her tent, Mrs. McCormick sits stoically, refusing to budge. She’s been a widow for 20 years and in her old age, has decided that, “If the good Lord wants to take me, that's all right by me.” Abigail tries to sympathize and tells Mrs. McCormick that she’s also a widow and still found a reason to keep living. Mrs. McCormick still refuses to budge so Abigail takes a different tone. She tells Mrs. McCormick, “You get yourself into one of those wagons right this instant or I'm gonna pick you up and toss you in there myself, rocking chair and all.” Mrs. McCormick grumbles at Abigail before trudging off into one of the wagons.

As the settlers finally prepare to leave, one of the children alerts Elizabeth that Maggie, the little girl Opal gave Brownie to, is missing. Maggie left Brownie near the pine tree by the river and has run off to find him. As Elizabeth runs to find Maggie, Jack arrives on horseback. Elizabeth tells Jack that Maggie is missing and immediately he rides off to find her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Abigail jump onto the wagons and head off with the settlers, to Hope Valley.