Prayers From the Heart

At the mine, the number of wounded continues to pile up. Pastor Hogan sits with a seriously wounded man, who knows that he’s about to die. Jack notices the scene and joins with Frank to comfort him. The dying man wants his son to know how proud he is of him, and Jack, who knows the man’s son Harper, promises to pass along the message. The man grasps Frank’s hand and within a few moments, he is gone. Frank takes a deep breath before covering the body and bowing his head in prayer.

At the hospital in Union City, Jack emerges to talk to Nora. Nora thanks Bill for coming to the rescue but Henry’s condition is still touch and go. Bill sits her down and asks why she left. She explains that both she and Henry wanted a new start. She is still unsure as to why Henry was in such a hurry but she knows something was wrong with him. Bill can’t stay with Nora however; the flood is rumored to have damaged the area where Lucy Benson, the daughter of Bill’s friend Carl, lives by herself.

Night falls on the mine when all the men have finally been accounted for. Two men are dead and a couple dozen more are injured. With so many injured, moving them down the treacherous roads at night is impossible. Jack decides to wait until sunup to attempt moving the men to safety. In the meantime, he sends Jesse back to Hope Valley to tell the town to prepare for the injured first thing in the morning. As Jesse makes his way down the trail he sees a large logjam forming in the river. The swollen stream strains against the barrier, a dam made by nature that will bring unspeakable damage downstream when it finally breaks. Jesse wastes no time and spurs his horse onward.