Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Prayers From the Heart

Meanwhile, just outside of town, Bill continues his search for Nora and Henry. As he rides down the south road he hears Nora screaming up ahead. He comes around a curve in the road and finds Henry’s car, empty and stopped at the top of a ravine. At the bottom of the ravine he finds Nora, muddy and disheveled, sitting next to the unconscious Henry Gowen. Nora yells that she can’t move Henry by herself and Bill immediately scrambles down help.

On the rain soaked trail leading into the mine, the wagon train of supplies and men finally arrives. At the entrance to the mine, injured men lie scattered. Some of the men are buried in the mud, while still others are trapped inside the mine. The men from Hope Valley immediately spring into action, treating the injured and clearing the rubble.

At the settlement, Abigail and Elizabeth arrive to deliver the dreaded news. The women gather around to hear news of the catastrophe at the mine. Edith is relieved that Roy is safe, but many of the other women are left to worry about the fate of their loved ones. Nearby Elizabeth breaks the news to the children. She does her best to explain the situation and lets them know that they are doing everything they can to rescue the men.

When Abigail and Elizabeth return to the café later that day, they find an entire room of napping children. The Hope Valley kids never take naps for Elizabeth and she and Abigail are thoroughly impressed that Rosemary was able to pull it off. Rosemary explains that they had run out of things to do and that the children were getting “difficult.” She had no option but to bribe them by telling them if they were good and went to sleep she would bring the circus to town. While she has no plan on how she’ll fulfill the promise, the results speak for themselves.