My Heart Will Go On

The next morning, the entire city lines up to give Jack a hero’s good-bye. He makes Abigail promise to watch over Elizabeth while he is away. Finally, he gives Elizabeth one final goodbye before getting on his horse to make his trek North. Elizabeth chases after the horse screaming “Jack!” He pulls the horse to a stop, dismounts and wraps Elizabeth in a warm embrace. He gives her one more kiss before getting back on the horse to make his journey North.

Later that night, the students gather for their recital. Abigail announces that Elizabeth will not be attending because she is under the weather, but the show must go on! Bill opens the show with the students, singing “This Little Light of Mine.” Next up is Timmy, who will be playing the piano. He tells the class he won’t play without Elizabeth, who promised she would sing for him. Just then, Elizabeth surprises Timmy and the rest of the audience! She takes to the stage and sings “Danny Boy,” as Timmy plays the piano. Before she can break down in tears, Elizabeth and Timmy are met with a standing ovation and the rest of the class gives her a group hug.

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