Hearts in Question

The next day, outside town, Jack escorts Elizabeth to the beautiful tract of land owned by Mr. Besser. Elizabeth is awestruck by the beauty and even more shocked when Jack tells her that he’s bought the land. He says he plans to build his dream home atop the ridge overlooking the valley. Elizabeth slyly tells him that he’ll need his blankie. Earlier Charlotte told Elizabeth that as a child, Jack wouldn’t go to bed without his blankie to keep him warm. While embarrassed that his mother told the story, Jack smiles as he tells Elizabeth that he’ll have to find something else to keep him warm at night. Understanding his implication, Elizabeth smiles as they turn to each other and kiss.

Back in town, Dottie bursts into Bill’s office exclaiming, “They’re gone!” Bill asks who she means, and Dottie reveals that Mayor Gowen and Nora have left town. Nora left a note saying, “I’m sorry but Henry said there’s no time for goodbyes.” The previous night, Jack searched the barrel outside the mayor’s office. Inside he found a small parcel containing the key to the mayor’s office. It now appears that Gowen could see the writing on the wall and decided to flee. Jack suspects Gowen and Nora fled via the South road and he grabs his gear to head off in pursuit.

At the mine outside of town, the rain has turned into a driving torrent. As the miners haul the last load of the day to the surface they are relieved that the workday has finally come to an end. But, as they pull the last load to the surface, the walls around them begin to liquefy and the mine’s braces begin to buckle. Roy looks around before saying the men need to get out. Just then a man shouts out, “It’s a landslide.” The men try to flee as water and mud begins to pour in around them.

Later that evening, the car carrying Henry and Nora barrels down the rain soaked South road. The conditions are so treacherous that Nora suggests to Henry that perhaps they should turn back. Henry refuses and is determined that they not stop until they reach Union City. He tells her that no one appreciates what he’s done or what he goes through every day. Just then Nora’s eyes widen as she sees an object in the road. She shouts for Henry to watch out but it’s already too late. Nora screams aloud as the car veers off the road, sending the two of them careening into a ravine.

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