Hearts in Question

In town, Nora anxiously talks to Henry about their plan to move. Henry’s decided that they should leave together immediately. Henry tells her that he thought about what she said about getting a new start. He’s decided that the bad blood between he and Bill and their bad memories of the town are enough reason to leave immediately.

At Lee’s office the wedding gifts are filling every corner of the room. Rosemary is thrilled over the outpouring but she is still upset that her best friend Penelope can’t attend the ceremony. Unfortunately Penelope decided that giving birth was more important than attending her wedding. Just then Lee remembers that Penelope sent a telegram. The Telegram reads:

"Dear Rosemary. George and I wish we could be there to celebrate your special day. I thought you would like to know we had a little girl. We wanted her name to reflect beauty, kindness, and grace. So we named her Rosemary Calloway."

Reading that her best friend named her daughter after her brings a well of emotions in Rosemary. Through tears of joy she tells Lee that the telegram is the best gift of all.

As the sun goes down and Hope Valley prepares for bed, Charlotte enters the jail. The sleepy town doesn’t have much to offer in the way of nightlife so Charlotte’s decided to take the opportunity to spend the evening catching up with her son. As they sit to talk Jack asks her directly what she thinks of Elizabeth. At first Charlotte dodges the question before asking Jack what’s really going on between him and Elizabeth. They’ve been dating for some time now and in Charlotte’s mind, it’s time for Jack to decide if she’s the one. Jack admits that things haven’t always been easy between them. Charlotte says they should be, but Jack reminds her that they both know life isn’t always easy. Without answering his question, Charlotte tells Jack that she just wants him to be happy.