Hearts in Question

While the settlement mothers talk with Charlotte and Jack, Elizabeth, along with two of her students, gather the children and read to them. While the mothers are still unsure about having a school, they are fine with the children listening to the story before starting their chores. When they finish the story the children ask if they can hear another. Elizabeth doesn’t have another book with her so one of her students suggests they all come and visit Hope Valley. The children love the idea and immediately ask if they can take the trip. Still uncertain, the mothers agree to talk it over.

Back at the saloon, Mr. Jenkins enters and spots Gowen sitting at the table.
Jenkins excitedly approaches Gowen about some men who just left the bank. The men are government auditors and they are investigating allegations of misused funds. Jenkins explained to the investigators that all allocations go through Gowen’s office, but the men insisted on seizing all the banks records. Gowen tells him that he’s done the right thing by telling him and he will handle the situation on his own.

In a pasture near town, Abigail and Pastor Hogan enjoy a leisurely walk. They’ve been apart for some time while Pastor Hogan testified in the Garrison trial and Abigail visited Becky. The time apart has given them both the space to realize how much they mean to each other. Abigail mentions that earlier, Florence asked if she and Pastor Hogan were officially courting. Frank asks her what she said and she responds by asking him what he would have said. He then turns to her and says, “I guess I would have told her the truth. I would have said yes.” Abigail smiles and tells him she said the same thing. Now that it’s official, Frank asks Abigail to join him for dinner at the saloon the next evening. Unfortunately that is also spaghetti night; Cody’s favorite meal of the week and he and Abigail play games afterwards. Abigail then asks if he would like to join them. Frank smiles and tells her that he thought she’d never ask.