Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart's Desire

A new dawn in Hope Valley brings a herd of lumberjacks to Abigail’s café. Despite a rough start at the cafe, Clara is determined to prove herself to Abigail. In an attempt to make amends, Clara spent the night sewing a new apron for Abigail. The gesture is sweet but Abigail is immediately caught off guard at the quality of the stitching and the speed at which Clara was able to make the apron. In that instant Abigail realizes that Clara may yet have a special place in Hope Valley, as the town's dressmaker.

Outside in the street Lee stands fuming over a telegram he received from the railroad company. The company now wants to build the railroad 300 yards away from Lee’s property on land he doesn’t own. Strolling by, Mayor Gowen reminds Lee of his warning that one day he might need his help. Gowen is open to discussing the matter and suggests Lee make an appointment with his new secretary, Mrs. Ramsey. The situation does not sit well with Lee and he meets Jack to discuss bringing him down. Jack emphasizes to Lee how difficult it will be and makes sure he know that he may lose everything in the coming fight. For his part Lee is certain he will prevail, just so long as Jack has his back.

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