Heart's Desire

At Mr. Harper’s farm Elizabeth gets the rundown on the daily operations of the homestead. The chores are daunting, but the two Harper children are more than capable of giving Elizabeth a hand. The kids wake Elizabeth up at 4am the next day to start chores. Confused at first, Elizabeth quickly learns why homesteading life is so difficult. Her first chore is mucking out the stalls.

Back at the café Rosemary announces that she is now going to write an advice column for the local newspaper. The weekly column, titled “Ask Mary Rose,” will feature tips on relationships, fashion and entertaining. At a nearby table Jack and Lee discuss the proposed railway. The men fail to notice Dotty Ramsey, wife of the deposed Mayor Ramsey, eavesdropping on their conversation. The tidbit of information is of great interest to her. Their conversation is interrupted when Clara, attempting to freshen their coffee, knocks Jack's hat to the ground. She bends over to pick up the hat and inadvertently pours the contents of the coffee pot into it. Embarrassed, Clara tearfully runs to the back of the café. It’s clear that Clara isn’t a natural waitress but Abigail is intent on finding a place for her in Hope Valley.

On the street, Dotty eagerly runs down Mr. Gowen. Dotty’s status has been diminished since her husband resigned as mayor. Making matters worse, Mr. Ramsey’s been relegated to selling iceboxes on the road. Hoping to regain some influence, Dotty offers up information on the railroad to Mr. Gowen. But the shrewd Mrs. Ramsey is only willing to help Mr. Gowen if he helps her.

Later that afternoon Jack stops at the Harper homestead to check in on Elizabeth. Sensing Elizabeth’s struggles Jack offers to give her a hand. The experience gives the two a preview into what their own futures could hold. They cook and do chores, all the while looking over the two children. At the end of the day they sit by the fire and talk. Jack reveals that after his father died, he and his brother went to stay on their uncle’s farm. The work was hard but rewarding and Jack’s uncle even offered him the ranch. But despite his dreams of having a home and family of his own, Jack knew that moment wasn’t right.

In Hamilton, Bill Avery sits alone at restaurant. As prepares to eat, a tall dark figure appears standing over him. Nora sits down and begins to recount her clash with Abigail. Stunned, Bill is slow to respond. He finally manages to tell Nora everything about Abigail is true. An argument ensues in which it’s revealed that after their son died, Nora disappeared for two years. Jack finally tracked her down at her father’s home, but by that time, things between them were irreparably damaged. Nora’s near deranged pleas for understanding fall on deaf ears and Bill makes clear their marriage is over.