Heart's Desire

Elizabeth’s return to Hope Valley is a celebration, with the entire town gathered in the saloon. The celebration is the first time Jack and Elizabeth have seen each other since Jack abruptly left Hamilton. Their eyes meet and it’s obvious the absence has made their hearts fonder. While the party carries on, Jack asks Elizabeth to take a walk outside. Covering her eyes, Jack escorts her to the pond where he’s worked feverishly with the other men to build the new school and church. Jack uncovers Elizabeth’s eyes to reveal the beautifully finished structure, the first schoolhouse Elizabeth has had since coming to town.

The next morning Abigail shows her new employee the ropes. Clara’s eager to do well and impress her mother-in-law. Meanwhile in the mercantile, Elizabeth and Florence discuss the new school. As they chat, Mr. Harper, local homesteader, interrupts to ask Florence to look in on his kids while he travels out of town. Unfortunately Florence is unable to help so Elizabeth volunteers. Mr. Harper graciously accepts Elizabeth’s offer, although with obvious trepidation.

Today also marks the grand opening of Hope Valley’s new lumber mill. As the first board makes its way through town Lee can’t help but point out his success to Mayor Gowen. The mayor congratulates Lee and despite his efforts to the contrary, insists he only has the town's interests at heart. Lee promises more great things for Hope Valley and later that day, as Lee meets with a representative from the railway, it becomes clear what he means. With the lumber mill open Lee intends to build a railway past the mill and through town. The train would be great for business and would inject new life into Hope Valley.