Heart's Desire

In the parlor of the Thatcher home, Elizabeth sits talking with her parents. She earlier broke the news to Charles that she would be returning to Hope Valley. Now, as she shares the news with her parents, they do everything to convince her to stay. Grace pointedly asks her daughter if she is really returning for the students or if she is going for Jack. Elizabeth tells her mother, “If she’s being honest, it’s both.” She asks that her parents respect this is what she needs to do. Her mother, speaking for both her parents, assures her they respect and support her no matter where she goes.

At the station, Charles waits with Abigail and Elizabeth. As the “all aboard” rings out through the station, Elizabeth and Abigail nervously look around. They are expecting one more travel companion: Clara. Just as it seems they will miss their train Clara comes bouncing into the station. As Abigail escorts her to the train Charles says his goodbyes to Elizabeth. Fighting back tears he takes her hand and kisses it. Elizabeth then turns to board her train back to Coal Valley.