Heart's Desire

The next day Elizabeth and Charles walk through the halls of the Thatcher home discussing Julie. After her secret dance lesson with Tom, Julie had immediately run home to tell Elizabeth. Unsurprisingly Elizabeth is less than thrilled and sees only trouble. Charles, in what sounds like a conversation he’s had before, tells Elizabeth that if she cares about Julie, she may have to let her find these things out on her own. Contemplating Charles’ words, Elizabeth fails to notice Abigail knitting in the room. She’s startled, but Abigail’s presence is a welcome break from the conversation.

With Abigail in the room, Charles excuses himself and leaves the women to chat. Having seen Elizabeth in her home with her friends and family, Abigail can’t help but notice how happy Elizabeth is. But the happiness doesn’t change Elizabeth’s feelings for her life in Hope Valley. She misses the people, the children, and most of all she misses Jack.

Bill Avery stakes out the Hamilton Men’s Club when a well dressed man exits towards a waiting car. Jack approaches the man, Mr. Fletcher, and asks him about the slave conditions he keeps Clara in. Mr. Fletcher insists he has every right to keep Clara but Bill disagrees. Bill tells Mr. Fletcher that he’ll be at his home in two hours to free Clara. When he arrives Bill expects a signed letter releasing her of any financial obligations. And should Mr. Fletcher refuse, Bill will take him to court…and to the press.

Hours later Bill and Clara arrive at the Thatcher home. Bill explains he was able to “resolve” the issue with Mr. Fletcher and that he no longer has any hold Clara. Clara apologizes for being a burden but Abigail will hear none of it. Clara is family and Abigail would very much like Clara to return with her to Hope Valley. Emotion overcomes Clara, who cannot comprehend the situation. She runs to Abigail and the two hug.

Back in Hope Valley, the knight and his damsel arrive home. On horseback, Jack and Rosemary ride through town with Rosemary loudly proclaiming her return, all thanks to Jack’s act of chivalry. All anyone in Hope Valley sees is Rosemary wearing Jack’s coat. Incensed, Florence calls the entire spectacle “shocking!”