Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart's Desire

Back in Hamilton, Bill and Abigail enter a rundown tenement where they’ve tracked Clara. Clara balks when she sees Abigail and Bill, but she soon relents and allows them into her room. Inside she explains that a Mr. Fletcher loaned her money to pay her father's medical bills. But when she was unable to pay, Mr. Fletcher forced her to work as a servant. The hours and conditions are deplorable but Clara is powerless against the powerful Mr. Fletcher. Clara insists that she can handle the situation and refuses Bill and Abigail’s pleas to intervene. Clara then abruptly asks Bill and Abigail to leave. As Bill and Abigail leave they argue over how best to help Clara. Abigail insists she can handle it, but it’s clear Bill is the best suited to handle Mr. Fletcher. Abigail realizes she needs his help and begrudgingly agrees to let Bill handle Mr. Fletcher.

Meanwhile, at the Hamilton Dance Hall, Julie Thatcher is engaging in her own secret rendezvous. The dance hall doesn’t open for a few hours so Julie and Tom Thornton have broken in to steal a few private moments together. As they step into the hall Julie spots a gramophone and a record. The find provides for the perfect impromptu dance lesson. Tom is confused as to why he needs to learn to dance, but Julie assures him the lessons are indeed necessary, after all they will need to cut a rug in all the clubs! As the two tango, their eyes meet and Tom moves in for a kiss.

Later that night, Rosemary and Jack sit by a fire in the woods near Hope Valley. The conversation turns to the topic of their relationship. Jack tells Rosemary their relationship failed because she’s never been content with what she already had. She agrees and apologizes for leaving him all those years ago. In the moment Rosemary realizes the gravity of her past mistake and knows she will never have Jack’s heart. She then presses Jack about his trip to Hamilton and why Elizabeth hasn’t returned. She does her best to plant doubt in Jack’s heart and tells Jack that should Elizabeth not return, “You have friends who care deeply about you.” As Jack contemplates Rosemary’s words he notices her shivering in the cold. Ever the gentleman, Jack unbuttons his Mounties coat and wraps it around Rosemary. As he does she grabs his arms, asking him to hold her for just a moment.