Heart's Desire

The next morning a few friends gather to bid Rosemary farewell. Jack rides up and wishes her well as she gleefully bounds into the awaiting car. As they drive into the wilderness Rosemary takes the opportunity to share her musical abilities with Mr. Zellman’s associates. After they experience miles of the drive to the tune of her “talents,” the associates swerve to the roadside, ordering her to stop. Free from her wailings, the men admit a producer Rosemary once worked for has hired them. The producer believes Rosemary stole the theatre profits and he intends to get his money.

At the Thatcher home, Abigail sits reading as Elizabeth enters the room with Bill Avery at her side. Elizabeth excuses herself as Abigail turns to confront Bill. Unaware of Nora's appearance, Bill says he doesn’t understand what’s wrong. Abigail angrily tells Bill about her encounter with Nora. Bill protests saying that Abigail doesn’t know the story, but Abigail is finished with Bill Avery’s stories. Bill leaves, but insists on helping to find Clara. In short order, he produces a lead on Clara’s whereabouts.

In Hope Valley, Jack bumps into Lee’s foreman Garth Duncan. Garth tells Jack about two men in a fancy car that nearly drove him off the road. As he passed the men he noticed Rosemary in the back of the car looking “fit to be tied.” Jack puts two and two together and realizes that Rosemary is in big trouble. He jumps on his horse and rides off to the rescue.

As Jack rides towards them, steam billows from the Model-T resting on the side of the road. Standing at the car, Rosemary tries desperately to convince her kidnappers of her innocence. She reveals that it was the director who stole the money and kicked her to the curb once he had the cash. She produces some crocodile tears and, as one kidnapper tries to console her, she grabs her valise and knocks the kidnapper down. Free, Rosemary tries to run away but is quickly recaptured. However, the delay has given Jack the time he needed to catch up. Jack rescues Rosemary but not before the kidnappers make off with her remaining possessions.