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The next day Elizabeth’s schoolroom is filled with her students’ science projects. The judge is thrilled with all the impressive projects, but he is immediately taken with Becky’s. Even more impressive than the model is Becky’s command of the engineering principles that make up her design and working model. The judge remarks at how advanced the level of her work is before awarding her the first place ribbon. The judge says that even if she doesn’t win in the final round, Becky should be enrolled in a technical university that can develop her talent. The judge then asks Becky to join him at the head of the class for a photo. Becky again hesitates but with a little help from her classmate, she rises to her feet and crosses the room for her photo.

The next day, much of the town has gathered at the coach stand to bid Becky and Cody farewell. As Cody tearfully hugs Abigail goodbye he begs her not to let go. She struggles to fight back the tears before telling him that she has to. Watching the scene, Caroline realizes just how big a mistake she’s making. She steps forward and tells the children that they don’t have to go. Seeing the children in Hope Valley with their friends and new family convinced Caroline that what’s best for them is to stay where they are. Both children get to stay with Abigail and, if Becky doesn’t win the scholarship, Caroline and her husband will pay for her to attend the best university in the country. Just like that, Becky, Cody and Abigail are a family again.

As the moon rises over the church Rosemary sits alone in her bridal costume. Lee walks up and sees that the lights and the crew are gone. The entire crew packed up and left after Rosemary told Mr. Addison that she couldn’t leave for Hollywood. Even if moving pictures are the future, Rosemary realized that her future is in Hope Valley. But all is not lost for Rosemary because Lee does have another role she would be perfect for. And so, he bends down on one knee and takes her hand. Staring into her eyes, he asks Rosemary to be his wife. With a beaming smile, she tells him yes, of course.

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