Back at the saloon the news of Barrett and Tommy Northridge has reached the ears of Nora Avery and Henry Gowen. While Nora is relieved, Gowen is still fuming at his earlier arrest. Henry is convinced that Bill won’t stop harassing him until he’s destroyed. He’s also none to pleased about Nora’s attitude about the entire affair. While she’s now divorced from Bill, she still believes that he is an honorable man. She continues to tell Gowen that that this entire situation was just a harmless mistake. Henry is having none of it and demands Nora choose either him or Bill.

Sitting in Lee’s office, Rosemary contemplates an impossible decision. On one hand, she has the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue her dreams in Hollywood. Rosemary knows that at her age, this may be her last opportunity for fame, but she also knows that fame comes at a cost. As she looks at Lee, she knows that in this case, the price of fame may be the love of her life. Lee, if only reluctantly, tells Rosemary that he understands and that if she truly feels that has to, then she should go. Rosemary tries to convince herself that she’d come back between pictures but both she and Lee know that she can't promise that. She tells Lee that he’s not making this decision any easier. Lee looks into her eyes and tells her that perhaps the best he can do is not make it any harder.

Back at the settlement camp Jack is busy helping Edith with her chores. Despite her asking him to stop helping, Jack refuses, saying he won’t stop when it’s something he cares about. He apologizes for getting her hopes up for Roy, then asks if it’s ok if he returns to work. She nods, but before Jack can move, a voice calls out saying, “That’s my job.” When Edith turns around, she sees her ex-husband Roy. Through tears, he asks for Edith’s forgiveness. While he is still unsure if he can be a good husband, he wants them to be a family. Edith holds up the baby and asks if Roy would like to meet his son. He nods and the family shares their first hug together.