Nearby at the bank, the manager Mr. Jenkins explains to Jack that with so many people making withdrawals, the bank is in danger of shutting down just like the sawmill. Jack assures Mr. Jenkins that he’ll be there if anything happens. Mr. Jenkins thanks him then takes him aside for a personal word. He apologizes for not being able to approve the loan Jack wanted for the purchase of Mr. Besser’s land. With things at the sawmill being so tough, the bank has been forced to cut back on lending. In fact, they’ve only issued one loan this month and that was only because the person was able to provide half the down payment in cash. The person who secured the loan was none other than Barrett, the foreman of the sawmill. Hearing the news that Barrett had such a large amount of cash despite the mill being closed immediately raises red flags.

After his talk with Mr. Jenkins, Jack immediately goes to tell Bill what he’s learned. They had long suspected the saboteur was an inside man and learning that Barrett is flush with cash seems to point to him as the new suspect. It now obvious that Gowen was set up and that the culprit is also paying Barrett to sabotage the mill.

Back in the mercantile Elizabeth sees Caroline doing some shopping and takes the opportunity to talk with her about Hope Valley and what the town truly has to offer. She then steers the conversation to Caroline’s plans for Becky. Since learning that she’s to become a debutant, Becky has become withdrawn and sullen. When Elizabeth asks about her plans for Becky, Caroline tells her that she doesn’t want to see Becky throw away her life like their mother did. Caroline then explains that her sister married a man beneath her means. The sentiment is all too familiar to Elizabeth. She tells Caroline that Becky has a real gift and that Caroline’s dismissal of her dreams has caused her to give up on school and her desire to walk again. Elizabeth begs Caroline to come to the science fair to see first hand her niece’s talent.

In the woods just outside of town, Barrett ties his horse to a tree before approaching Tommy Northridge. Tommy hands over an envelope stuffed with cash before asking for an update on the plan. Barrett tells him that it won’t be much longer until Lee Coulter is out of business. Tommy tells Barrett that once he buys the mill, he’s going to promote Barrett to foreman of all his mills in the area. Just as he incriminates himself, Jack emerges from the brush, shotgun in hand. He tells the men that their deal will be pretty hard to make from a jail cell. Barrett immediately runs off with Jack hot in pursuit. Bill then emerges from the trees and, before Tommy Northridge can escape, Bill takes him into custody. Further down the trail Jack chases down Barrett, bringing an end to the saboteur’s operation.