Heart of Truth

Jack has a sweet surprise for Elizabeth back at the house. He presents her a leather bound book of all her written stories, and even provided the illustrations inside the book to go with her words. A tearful Elizabeth calls it the gift perfect. Jack tells her that her writing inspires him and he wanted to have the honor of being her first publisher.

While at breakfast, Lee gets inspired when reading Rosemary’s column in the paper about overworked husbands and their neglected wives. Later that day, Rosemary comes home to find Lee in the backyard. He is surrounded by fresh flowers, music playing and offers her a glass of champagne. He apologizes for his busy schedule and tells her to get used to this kind of romantic treatment every weekend.

That evening, Jack tells Elizabeth about his job offer up north, but that he turned it down. His life is with her, in Hope Valley.

At the town hall, Abigail agrees to hold a vote on the Pacific Railroad’s proposal. The vote ends in a tie and it is up to Abigail to cast the deciding vote. She tells Ray and the rest of Hope Valley that she will vote against the railroad’s current proposal, presenting an alternate route instead. A disappointed Wyatt walks out of the meeting, leaving both the town and Abigail herself to wonder if she’s made a mistake.

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