Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of Truth

The next day at school, Cyrus and Laura get into a fight when Cyrus accuses Laura’s father Jed of starting the fire, an accusation that Laura vehemently denies. Elizabeth assures Laura that Cyrus is just being defensive because his father works for the railroad.

Faith meets Ray and the two share some pleasant conversation. With Faith visibly smitten, Elizabeth warns her that Ray may be charming but he also has a job that takes him from city to city. She advises that Faith should take that into consideration before being wooed by him.

Elizabeth intends on making Robert tell the truth about the bear and assigns him to read the book about the boy who cried wolf. Before Robert can come clean about his lie, Opal’s parents arrive and give Robert a shiny coin for saving their daughter from the terrifying bear he claims he saw. Robert accepts the gift, much to Elizabeth’s dismay.