Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of Truth

The next morning, Abigail and Elizabeth share a cup of coffee at the cafe. Rosemary interrupts to tell Abigail of a few suggestions she has for the menu. Abigail is shocked to learn that Bill has hired her to work at the café.

At the school, Elizabeth makes Robert the recess monitor. While trying to usher Opal back into class, he makes up a lie about spotting a bear. The rumor quickly grows throughout the town and Jack ultimately confronts him about the so-called bear spotting. Both Elizabeth and Jack suspect Robert is lying and Elizabeth vows to get to the truth.

Bill confronts Jack with news that Jack has been offered a job with the crime unit up north. Jack assures Bill he hasn’t made a final decision, yet and Bill tells him he will figure it out.

Bill heads to Jed’s to talk try to persuade him to cooperate with the railroad. Once he arrives, he finds a small fire at the camp of the surveyors and they quickly suspect Jed has set it. Ray offers the fire as proof to why they need someone like Bill to head the railroad’s security. After some clever negotiating, Bill takes the job.