Heart of Truth

Abigail meets with the Pacific Railroad’s Ray Wyatt to try to convince them to reroute their track map so it doesn’t affect the farmers’ land. He tells her that it is too late to change the route of the railroad and it would be too costly to fix now. As she is about to leave, Ray asks Abigail if she liked the flowers he left on her cafe’s doorstep.

After school, Elizabeth walks her student Laura home only to find the girl’s father, Jeb, yelling at the railroad surveyors working on his land. Jeb tells Elizabeth that he hopes that somebody will stop them from going through with the railroad, Elizabeth reminds him that Abigail hasn’t made her decision, yet.

Bill is closing up the cafe and finds he has one customer left in the restaurant: Rosemary. He offers her up a shoulder to cry on. She tells Bill that she is bored out of her mind with Lee out of town. Bill offers Rosemary a job at the cafe, since the business is growing with the railroad workers setting up shop in Hope Valley.

Jack and Elizabeth are having dinner at the house and she tells him she received a letter from one of the publishers about her manuscript. Too nervous to open it herself, she asks Jack to do it for her. The letter is a rejection, and although Jack tries to convince Elizabeth to not give up so easily, she doesn’t want to hear his advice.