Heart of a Teacher

The next morning in class, Mr. Stoneman targets Emily for how she holds her pencil. Cody stands up for his friend and refuses to back down. Cody takes Emily’s hand and the two walk out of the classroom, the rest of the class follow suit. They all find Elizabeth at the café and plead for her to come back. She tells the students they have to respect that Mr. Stoneman is their new teacher but makes them a deal: If they continue going to school, she will tutor all the kids after school for their upcoming exams. Mr. Stoneman overhears the exchange between Elizabeth and the students and smiles. She also says she will help them out as they prepare for their recital, which includes inviting Bill to play the guitar there. He reluctantly agrees.

That evening, Elizabeth and Jack go for an evening walk and she tells him of her plans to tutor the students. Their conversation is interrupted by a somber Bill, who delivers a telegram from Mountie headquarters up North. Jack breaks down and cries when he reads that his friend Doug has been killed in the line of duty.

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