Heart of a Teacher

Shane picks up Phillip at school and has a word with Mr. Stoneman. Mr. Stoneman tells Shane he doesn’t think Phillip belongs in the school, saying he is too far behind in his studies to catch-up. Mr. Stoneman tells Shane that he will be expelling Phillip from the class.

Bill runs into Jack and asks him how his trip to Union City with the Tate Brothers went. Jack tells him that he saw firsthand how much the Northern territories need him. Bill reminds Jack that he is also needed in Hope Valley. Jack tells Bill that he feels that he needs to fight his own good fight in the Northern territory and Bills assures him he will do what he feels is right.

Elizabeth is back in Hope Valley and surprised to see Phillip out of school. Shane tells her the news of his son’s expulsion. Mr. Stoneman spots Elizabeth from afar, gives her a glare and goes back into his classroom. She finds Jack and tells him she needs to get her job back.

Elizabeth finds a way to corner Mr. Stoneman after class and pleads him with to come allow Phillip back in class. He refuses and cuts her off, telling Elizabeth she is the one who lost her job. Later on, Jack and Elizabeth have tea and he tells her how concerned he is about the Mounties up North. When Elizabeth presses him with what he wants to do about it, Jack grows uncomfortable and says he has to go back to his rounds. Later that night, Jack sits alone with his Commissioner’s Medal and ponders his thoughts.