Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Teacher

Back at the classroom, the students are all unruly and Mr. Stoneman takes out his ruler and slams it down to get their attention. He takes away recess for the rest of the week and starts reprimanding students for their behavior.

Elizabeth fills Abigail in about her exchange with Higgins and Abigail wonders if there are any other women who have faced similar situations with the superintendent. Elizabeth recalls another teacher, Francine, who she had heard that Higgins had eyes for, as well. Turns out the teacher, who Elizabeth took the board exams with, is also in Camp Fullerton and Abigail and Elizabeth agree to track her down.

While at the saloon, Rosemary confronts Mr. Stoneman to give him a piece of her mind. He silences her when she admits she doesn’t have a student in the class. Meanwhile, Ray spots Katie sitting alone and makes his move. Katie tells him how she is studying for medical school. Ray makes his move and says he would like to find some free time to spend together. She turns down his advances. She gets ready to leave and he grabs her arm. Seeing the exchange, Connor gets in the middle of the two and tells Ray to back away. Ray defends his actions, saying that he was just offering to walk Katie home, but Connor says he is walking her home. Before a frustrated Ray departs, he tells Connor he just made a big mistake.

Francine agrees to meet Elizabeth for breakfast and Elizabeth fills her in on Higgins’ actions. Elizabeth asks if Francine had ever been in a similar situation and Francine immediately shuts her down and says no. In fact, Francine is offended by the accusations and leaves. Elizabeth confides in Abigail that she knows Francine is lying and is probably scared of losing her job. Abigail suggests searching for more teachers she met while taking the board exams to find others who have had similar encounters with Higgins. Abigail pushes Elizabeth to not give up.