Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Secret

Back at his office, Lee surprises Rosemary by giving her a list of notes he has for the new uniforms she is designing. Rosemary is not too happy with all of Lee’s suggestions, but he reminds her the first rule in business is that the customer is always right and in this case, he is the customer.

Back at the jail, Henry and Bill bond over a drink, with nothing but a set of bars separating them. They both take note of where their life has each taken them and toast.

After dinner, Shane and Faith share a lovely walk through the town. Faith tells Shane she has had a run of bad luck with men in town. Shane tells her that is all about to change, and kisses her.

The girls are having a sleepover at Elizabeth’s and Rosemary stops by with a delicious chocolate cake. Rosemary says that it is great to see Elizabeth enjoying herself. Elizabeth tells Rosemary that Opal’s parents will be coming back to town soon, since her grandmother is doing much better. Elizabeth even admits that she is going to miss having Opal around the house. She gets serious for a second and asks Rosemary if she would design her gown for her wedding to Jack.

The next morning, Marlise confronts Carson and still accuses him of getting away with killing her sister. Abigail interrupts the fight and asks Marlise to leave the café. Before she departs, she vows that Carson will pay for what he did. Carson tells Abigail that it is best for everybody if he leaves Hope Valley, leaving Abigail shocked.

Later that night, Abigail has a talk with Cody, who is in bed early. He tells Abigail he is sad that Becky hasn’t made any time for him since arriving in town. Abigail reminds Cody that his sister is growing up and has to focus on studying for her upcoming exams. Cody asks Abigail why things have to change and she tells him the only thing that life guarantees is that it is always changing. After tucking him in, Abigail talks to Becky and suggests she take a break from the studies and spend a little time with her younger brother during her visit. Their conversation is interrupted by Cody who comes downstairs complaining that he doesn’t feel so well. Before the women can react, Cody collapses!

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