Heart of a Secret

Elizabeth is having dinner with Opal at the café when she is interrupted by a Mountie, Matthew Gleeson, and asks him if he knows Jack. He tells Elizabeth that Jack is his superior officer and says Jack talks about Elizabeth non-stop while up at the northern territory. Matthew offers to deliver a message to Jack from Elizabeth: a note reminding Jack that “love is patient.” Matthew promises her fiancé will get it.

At dinner, Lee is trying to lift Rosemary’s spirits by telling her she makes the best pot roast in Hope Valley. She confides in him that she is worried about her professional life because she has yet to sell one dress from Dottie’s shop. Lee says he wants to hire Rosemary to make uniforms for his company. She is reluctant at first, thinking she is being looked at as a charity case, but agrees to the job.

Abigail, Faith and Elizabeth talk about Carson, and Faith says it is too bad he won’t go back to medicine considering the town can use a doctor. Elizabeth wonders if Carson might change his mind and go back to practicing medicine. Shane and Phillip walk by and smile at Faith. Elizabeth makes a note that tonight is Faith’s big date with Shane.