Heart of a Secret

Carson shows up to work and finds a rattled Abigail. He asks her if everything is okay, and she tells him she is just tired. He takes her word for it and gets started on fixing the café’s gutters.

Faith tells Elizabeth that she likes Shane but is afraid Phillip won’t warm up to her. Later on, Faith stops by after class and attempts to get on Phillip’s good side by offering to help with his science project about caterpillars. She offers to accompany him to the marsh to find them. Phillip smiles widely and accepts the offer.

Elizabeth finds Opal being bullied by her classmates who are taunting her with the nickname, “teacher’s pet.” Opal defends herself by inviting the girls to Elizabeth’s house for dinner the next night, catching Elizabeth off-guard. Opal also invites the girls to a sleepover! Elizabeth reluctantly agrees.

The next morning, Carson and Becky bond over her studies. Cody asks Becky to join him in playing with Dasher, but she says she has to prepare for exams, leaving her brother disappointed. Carson invites himself to join Cody, instead.

Bill and Frank tell Abigail that after doing some background work, they found out that Carson did everything by the book when operating on his wife, Amber, giving Marlise no grounds for a lawsuit. Abigail acknowledges that Frank was right all along when he had his suspicions about Carson. Frank tells Abigail that he was just looking out for her and before he leaves, Abigail tells him she likes it when he does that.